Famous Events In Oban That Should Not Be Missed

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Planning to spend your upcoming holiday in Scotland? If so, then you might want to consider spending a few days of your trip in Oban, which is famous for its breathtaking landscape views and scrumptious dishes and has some top notch Oban accommodation. In fact, it is often coined as Scotland’s seafood capital because of its fresh and tasty seafood dishes, which you cannot find in other places surrounding Oban. Thus, this is the perfect spot for foodies to go, particularly those who have a serious craving for seafood recipes.

OystersAside from being known for its delectable dishes, Oban is also the popular holiday spot of several singers, poets, authors and composers because of its scenic attractions and breathtaking views of the mountains and islands. Indeed, this part of Scotland is the best place to just relax and have a silent retreat. You will appreciate the tranquil ambiance in the this remarkable place, which seems to melt away your stress and worries almost instantly. 

If you happen to visit Oban, you may be wondering about any exciting events that you can witness and take part in. Fortunately, this vibrant place is loaded with exciting activities that will appeal to all people regardless of their age. So, if you search for adventure, excitement and a meaningful way to spend your trip, then you might want to participate in these enriching and thrilling events that will make your trip to Oban even more special.

No matter what time of the year, Oban offers  a number of activities that will give people more reasons to go to this fantastic place. Among the most popular events here include the West Highland Yachting that lasts for one whole week, as well as the Highland Games and Winter Festival. There are also other celebrations that appeal to most tourists and locals such as the Festival of the Sea and the Music and Dance Festival in the Islands.

Most of the events held in Oban are celebrated in May. For instance, it is during this month that Easdale serves as a focal point for Scotland’s small boat cruising. In addition, Easdale RIB rendezvous is a much-awaited RIB adventure in Scotland’s western coast. Boaters are amazed as they witness the astounding areas in the United Kingdom where they can witness the lovely attractions in the area such as the amazing wildlife, clear waters and natural scenery that will blow their mind away.

Another great festival that is worth your time is the Music and Dance Festival, also celebrated every May. Here, competitors from various parts of Scotland join in and present the fascinating Scottish music and culture. For those who are visiting in June, the Provincial Mod in Oban offers astounding shows by Gaelic Performers who are known for their amazing skills and remarkable spirit.

Seared ScallopsFor foodies, Oban also has several food events held regularly. A number of food producers from Argyll gather in Oban to showcase their products to consumers. These products include locally-made crafts and food products that will surely meet your high standards. Furthermore, every October is Octoberfest in Oban, which means you can still have a chance to celebrate this event in Oban when it is impossible to go to Munich for your drink. 

Lastly, there is a Charities Day held annually in Oban, which is an event that features several local charities setting up stalls and sharing their brilliant fund-raising schemes. Indeed, there are so many things to see and do in Oban in various times of the year, which add to the interest of those who plan to visit this lovely place in Scotland.

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